Batch of links

The social bookmarking site Delicious (formerly known as has finally gotten a nice upgrade. Unfortunately, upgrades often lead to things breaking. Thus has been the case with the post-to-blog feature that automatically posted links I bookmarked during the day to this blog. Bummer as I *really* liked that feature. I’m hoping Delicious customer service can help.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post – although this time manually, which is proving pretty tedious – the links I’ve bookmarked over the past week. Enjoy, and as always, if you see a site out there that you think I might like, please send it along.

5 Responses to “Batch of links”

  1. Jacob Christensen Says:

    Try “editing and saving” the settings for the automatic posting without changing anything. Strangely, that one worked for me. (But for whatever reason, the posting is now made at a different time…)

  2. Jacob Christensen › Delicious Problem Update Says:

    […] Just a technical note on this: When updated its service, the automatic daily posting of links was broken (I wasn’t alone here: Eszter Hargittai suffered the same problem). […]

  3. Eszter Hargittai Says:

    Thanks, Jacob. I tried that the day before going ahead and posting this batch. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to make any difference.:(

  4. Jacob Christensen Says:

    A little update. There is a discussion about the api hiccups here:

    This has been suggested as a workaround. Haven’t tried it, so I definitively wouldn’t guarantee anything:

  5. David Brake Says:

    Re Social networks traffic:
    1) That’s US user only traffic I think
    2) It puts MySpace still well ahead of Facebook? I thought Facebook overtook MySpace last year?