Chicagoland & its beaches

People don’t think of Chicagoland as a bunch of beach towns. It’s common for people to be surprised when I tell them that I live just a few blocks from the beach, one where I actually go to relax and swim (well, more play in the water than swim). Indeed. In the summer (and late Spring/early Fall depending on the weather), Evanston has the perfect beaches. I guess it depends on your preferences, but if you dislike saltwater and sharks then these beaches work very well. Sand, comfy temperature fresh water, all just minutes from where I live. Here are some photos I’ve taken recently. (In case you’re wondering where all the people are in these pictures, I often purposefully try to leave them out since I prefer the calm of the place. But in the past I’ve also taken shots that show the more public nature of these places.)

If you’d like to view the originals (these are cropped photos) then click on the links below the collage. Clicking on this image will simply take you to the Flickr page with this same collage where you’ll still then have to click on the separate links to see the individual images.

Collage of beach photos

1. Feet, 2. Waves on Lake Michigan, 3. Wet sand, 4. Windy beach, 5. Evening on the beach, 6. Enjoying an hour at the beach

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