Project 365: #20

Squirrel in action

Taken: November 13, 2006 (What is Project 365?)

Squirrel outside my office at CASBS. It’s the third in a series of three I took one after the other. In the first one, two squirrels are facing each other. In the next one, the squirrel with the food (?) turns toward me. The third one is that same squirrel in action.

Two squirrels Squirrel with food (?) Squirrel in action

I have not been a big fan of squirrels ever since one chewed its way through the screens into my room at the Old GC in grad school.

3 Responses to “Project 365: #20”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    love the squirrel

  2. Charles Says:

    Great photo Dr. Hargittai!

  3. eszter Says:

    Charles, I try to leave this on your blog, but I’m not sure it worked. First, can I call you Charles, or should I call you Mr. Gray?:) Second, I see your point about Gallery and hosting the photos on your own server. I used to feel that way and even played around with Gallery, but the work involved with fixing bugs and updates seemed excessive. For what it’s worth, Flickr has proven to be quite stable and accessible. Moreover, you can’t beat the fun social component it adds to hosting photos. I highly recommend trying it out! PS. You used to just call me Eszter, what happened?