Announcing Project 365

Inspired by this Photojojo story, I have decided to start taking at least one photo every day and posting these regularly to the blog.

Those of you who are familiar with my uses of the photo-sharing site Flickr are probably thinking: as if you needed any more reasons for taking photos. True. But I don’t take photos daily and I think it’s an intriguing idea. Moreover, one-a-day suggests that when you take several dozen, you still have to pick just one to represent the day. Interesting.

Morning sun from my CASBS officeI happened to be GChatting with American Frog aka Katie Bessiere as I was thinking about this yesterday and successfully got her to join the project. She has started a blog just for this. I’m still working on getting Jeremy to join in. Anyone else interested? Let me know and I’ll start a sidebar just for one-a-day photo blogs of people I know (or people I may not know, but who know me:). I am not starting a new blog for this, but I’m starting a category for ease of access.

I usually travel enough that I can supply a wide array of photographs. However, I have no travel plans in the next few months. (That is by design. Why leave paradise?) This means that you will either see a LOT of deer photos or I’ll have to get very creative.

The photo above I took yesterday as I was thinking about doing this project. In a later post I’ll kick things off with Photo #1.

8 Responses to “Announcing Project 365”

  1. Cathie Says:

    I think I might just do this – as a way to get back into blogging more regularly. Lately I have been hanging out on flickr more than looking at blogs. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I can’t even remember to shave everyday, how am I going to remember my camera?

  3. eszter Says:

    Cathie, that’s great!

    Note that the project doesn’t require posting a photo each day, it just requires taking one each day. So it’s completely fine to post one entry a week with seven photos.

    Jeremy, all I’m thinking is all that time spent in insomnia could be better spent.

  4. Tricia Says:

    Count me in! I like this idea better than the daily self-portrait group on flickr. I’m tagging them with ‘project365’ and I’ve set up a separate page on my site –

    What do you think of the idea of setting up a group on Flickr?

  5. eszter Says:

    Great, I’m glad you’re joining, Tricia!

    A Flickr group is a good idea. It looks like some may exist, although perhaps they’re not really about a project of this sort. I think you should start one if you have some thoughts on how people should post photos to the pool and such. Maybe it could be by invitation only after people send in a link to their existing series.

    Let me know if you start one! In the meantime, I’ll add your one-a-day blog to my blogroll.

  6. alan Says:

    I love taking pictures. I’m in.

    (Though I may not start immediately. I have this dissertation to finish, and this is exactly the kind of thing that would derail me. No idea why.)

  7. eszter Says:

    Alan, I started blogging four months before going on the job market so I have no idea what you’re concerned about.:-)

  8. Mark Says:


    I have been doing my own version of Project 365 for a few months and I have found it has made me think in a different way and look at things in a different way. It’s an odd variation on my decision to take up the violin a few years ago. It’s an aspect of using a different part of your brain.