Project 365: #11

Opening presents

Taken: November 4, 2006 (What is Project 365?)

On Saturday, I went to a big birthday party in celebration of Andrei turning thirty. I had over 100 photos from which to choose one for the day. As you can tell from the entire set [slide show format], many were probably better than this one. However, this one captured several fun aspects of the evening. Since it was not staged, it’s not as elegant as it could have been, but it references a bunch of things so I picked it for Project 365.

On the left is Chris sporting an “I love White Russians” T-shirt with a picture of Andrei on it. This seemed to be the party theme and the T-shirts Chris created were very fitting and amusing. In the middle is Andrei with his myriad of gifts. On the right is Mirek who kindly gave me a ride to the party and then proceeded to quote and refer to Deepak Chopra all night.

It was a very fun evening with lots of nice people, plenty of good food (including a fountain chocolate fondue), all sorts of drinks (including the opportunity to add your own open source mix🙂 and exotic plants (so is this a palm or a pine?).

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