Hello, welcome to Eszter’s Blog. Finally, coming to you live (well, as live as these things get) from Princesstown, NJ.

A blog or Web log is an online forum usually with one main author/contributor who frequently posts his or her thoughts on just about anything – or a in some cases on the specified topic of the blog (this one is general). For a more detailed introduction to blogs, read Scott Rosenberg’s informative piece on it in Salon. Although he wrote it in 1999, it is still a useful piece as are many of his other writings.

Below in the right hand column, you’ll find a few words on what type of material you are likely to see on E-BLOG and what contents I will not be promoting.

As with my E-LIST, feel free to send me thoughts and suggestions. You can also leave a note right here on E-BLOG by entry. You’ll find people’s comments – and on occasion my response to those comments – by clicking on the Comments link right below an entry. Just to clarify, all the main entries were posted by me. Comments by others are on the separate entry pages.

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