Earthlights identified

(Some of these initial posts will draw on thoughts I’ve posted on my E-LIST earlier. This is such a post based on a comment I made in the March 3, 2002 issues of E-LIST.)

A beautiful picture of the Earth has been circulating online for quite a while now. Understandably, people attach notes about their own observations to this message. I have now received several that include geographical errors. I find this unfortunate. I suspect some of this is due to people forwarding on comments they picked up from others. But why not verify information before passing it on? (Hah, if people who send out virus warning hoaxes could learn that then we’d all have less email clutter!)

In any case, to rectify some of the incorrect comments being made about the map, I have created an image that points arrows to specific European cities (where most of the mistakes seem to be focused and where I am most knowledgable about the landscape). There is much more than the specific location of cities to this map, but it would be great if people could at least get those right.

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