Project 365: #16

Lloyd at the Fountain

Taken: November 9, 2006 (What is Project 365?)

Continuing the theme of blasts from the past, I got to see Lloyd on Thursday. The last time I saw him was in San Francisco when the American Sociological Association meetings were there in 1998. Lloyd published one of my parents’ books (Symmetry) and I interned with him for about ten days during college when I was considering a career in publishing. It was a cool experience, Shelter Publications is a neat enterprise.

Lloyd is an amazing person, by the way. He collects life experiences like few others I know. He travels the world very often focusing on the lesser known paths. He maintains a blog about some of his adventures.

He was down at Stanford for the panel discussion in honor of Fred Turner‘s recent book From Counterculture to Cyberculture, which I also attended. It was an interesting trip down memory lane. I thought some of the comments by the panelists were too tech deterministic, but overall it was definitely a conversation worth hearing.

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  1. przybysz Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your Project 365 photos and accompanying stories. Thanks for sharing!