Budapest and Zürich meetups?

Castle CollageAre there any readers of E-Blog in either Budapest or Zürich who would be interested in meeting up in person? I’m on the road and it’s one of the rare occasions when I’m not simply in-and-out of a town. Budapest options are this weekend or Monday. Zürich options concern next week. Drop me a note if you’re interested and we can figure out specifics. (Email info on my Web site or send a note to my last name For those interested in Budapest, you can see some of my photos of the castle district here.

3 Responses to “Budapest and Zürich meetups?”

  1. robskee Says:

    If you find yourself in Ujlipoptvaros, I recommend the coffee at KAVESZUNET Internet cafe (Tatra Utc. 12b, a stone’s throw from Firkasz). It’s a daggy little place with a handful of internet terminals but the presso kave I had there was the best!

  2. eszter Says:

    Great, thanks for that recommendation. I don’t know that place, but my favorite cafe is just a few blocks away so I’m definitely in the area often. I’ll have to check it out sometime. (I don’t drink much coffee, but I’m always happy to find Internet connection and their prices seem reasonable.)

  3. alvaro Says:

    I would be very pleased to meet you in person, altough today i have to take care of my son (today my wife is participating yoga courses 🙂 . I’m researching political inequalities and your researches are really useful and interesting for me!
    I live near to the castle district: by the way your photos are excellent! 🙂