Vote for your favorite academic haikus

Jim got such great response to his academic haiku contest that he decided to categorize the submissions by field. You are requested to cast your vote in the following categories:

I’m surprised by some of the classifications, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy with some of those submissions. Why my paper that was published in Social Science Quartery was not classified as social science is beyond me, but perhaps Jim needed some excuse to create a fourth category to make things manageable and thus put some entries in the fourth interdisciplinary tech/computer/Internet-related, but otherwise unrelated group. Even in the realm of academic haikus my work lands in a heap of confusion, the story of my academic life.

In any case, this was a really fun exercise and I thank Jim for inspiring so many of us to think about our work in 17 syllables. If you haven’t done it yet, I recommend playing with the concept even if you are too late to enter this contest. Go read the submissions and vote to get inspired.

I’m quite happy with my “I am an expert” haiku. If you agree, don’t be shy and please check off the corresponding mark, #3 on the tech/computer/Internet list.:-)

6 Responses to “Vote for your favorite academic haikus”

  1. Dan Myers Says:

    I actually think the limerick would somehow be a better form for this. I’d institute such a context but now it’s too derivative and I don’t think I actually get enough readers to generate a decent set of entries. P.S. I voted for yours of course.

  2. eszter Says:

    Thanks, Dan, of course you did. Just kidding.:) But yes, thanks.

    I don’t think Jim’s blog has a huge readership either, but these things do spread. I’d say, wait a few months and launch one of these. I plan on instituting something of this sort somewhere again, it’s too much fun not to, plus it’s actually helpful, I find.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Dan, you are the contagion models masterman: it’s a _moral imperative_ that you test to see if the baby would spread. I don’t think it’s too derivative. Oh, wait–
    Just thought of how the limerick thing’s been a biggee (along with other cool babies) in the Annals of Improbable and Irreproducible Research. (Harvard’s mini-AIR was one of the first mailing listservs I joined, back in my CE/GEOS days! I remember getting hooked into U2’s fanbase and news, too.) I still get mini-AIR, 14 years later. Has ND been kind to keep this punk around, or what?!

    I’m still saying, “I’m not worthy.” 🙂

    You guys will appreciate this because of your social and communicative leanings and interests: isn’t it amazing how everything came together to allow this late-deafened chick to meet you all?!

    Thanks for your humors! I think that was the predomin… Scratch that. I Know that was the predominate thing that attracted me to academia. I’m tempted to name the roll of names here, but don’t want to monopolize Eszter’s comments space. (Although I was a Master Monopoly player as a kid: go railroad tycoon, another form of engineering.)

    I didn’t get a submission in for ASA this year, as I had hoped, but I’m totally planning to hop to NYC if you guys are gonna be there.

    Here I felt so guilty because formal work wasn’t getting done.

    OK, I heard your voice, Dan, so I’ll stop obsessing!

    So funny!!!

    Catch you guys around.

    I can’t post comments on Blogger via Blackberry. I think Eszter has elegant taste in having chosen WordPress.

  4. eszter Says:

    I can’t say I followed everything in that comment, Jamie, but thanks for stopping by.

    Regarding ASA, I’ll be there. I’ll be moderating a panel on.. blogging with bloggers. I’m also on one of the Internet & Society panels with a paper co-authored by my friend Steven Tepper on the role of digital media (or lack thereof) in how college students find new music to listen to.

  5. Jamie Says:

    I didn’t finish my thought. Cool: my tangents are back, but I’m able to get back on track here.

    I was saying I don’t think the limerick is too derivative from the Haiku, and meant to finish that even though AIIR does the neat contests, there’s always more and more creativity to mine, so it’s not gonna get old. I was totally tripping on more of this line… But I’ll spare you guys for now in comments.

    In sum:
    Go for it!

    If you build it they will come. You know how I was always saying we need to get more CBSM action at ND, and I didn’t really know what I was talking about. And look what you guys have gotten off the ground while I’ve been lallygaggling.

    Oh man, great stuff. (Music by Morphine in my head, only anti-seizure med as far as drug in my body)

  6. Jamie Says:

    Sounds grand, Eszter!

    P.S. We share the SZ!

    P.S.S. I don’t always run on this much. 😉