Academic haiku

Grad school pal Jim Gibbon launched an academic haiku contest a week ago. I only noticed it today (Wednesday),which happens to be the deadline for submissions. If you still have time, head on over and submit something. If it’s past Wednesday then feel free to add your creative output in the comments here.

The idea is that the haiku should represent some of your work (a paper, a book, a dissertation, etc.). Here are my two submissions:

I am an expert.
I am man, you are woman.
I exaggerate.

From: *Hargittai, E & S. Shafer. 2006. “Differences in Actual and Perceived Online Skills: The Role of Gender.” Social Science Quarterly. 87(2):432-448. June.

RSS, widgets,
Don’t know one from the other.
Average Web users.

From: Hargittai, E. 2007. “Wikis and Widgets: Differences in Young Adults’ Uses of the Internet” Paper to be presented at the 2007 ICA meetings.

[*] I have to add that it’s actually not possible to tell from the findings whether men overestimate or women underestimate their skills, but perhaps that amount of artistic freedom for the haiku is allowed.

5 Responses to “Academic haiku”

  1. kent Says:

    The second one is my identity. I know enough to be befuddled.

  2. fling93 Says:

    What is it with haikus lately? They are popular on Twitter as well.

  3. Dan Myers Says:

    “I am an expert.
    I am man, you are woman.
    I exaggerate.”

    If you submitted this, it is the winner. Absolutely perfect embodiment of that what ccontest was about! I worked on it for a while, but inspiration never really struck.

  4. Dan Myers Says:

    Not to mention I surely would have mistyped it. I hope you can figure out what I *meant* to say there…

  5. eszter Says:

    Dan, I think I got it, thanks.:) Glad you like it. I was quite happy with it myself. And I guess the other one resonates with Kent.

    This was an interesting exercise and I plan to spread it.:)