Links for 2007-02-22

3 Responses to “Links for 2007-02-22”

  1. Hoodia Blogger Says:

    Very funny read indeed! Only just found your blog there now and had a quick scan through some of the links. I like your shit (if ull pardon my french). I’ll be coming back again soon to devote a bit of time to explore more of what you recommend. If the above link is anything to go by I think ill be kept well amused.

  2. Hoodia Blogger Says:

    Tried to leave a comment, but it doesnt seem to want to appear. Anyway, ’twas a very funny read,, keep em coming!

  3. Peter Burian Says:

    As the photographer who took the Autumn photo (used in Windows XP) I’m surprised that this has become such a big deal.

    Two newspapers have also run articles about it, and a TV station (Global in Ontario) ran a story about it as well.

    In any event, I have had my “15 minutes of fame” and it was fun.

    Peter Burian