Free Flickr minicards

For all you Flickr Pro users out there (and I know some of my readers share my addiction), note that you can try out the new minicard service at for free, for a pack of ten cards. The service is free for the first 10,000 Flickr Pro users so don’t delay. You know how active Flickr users are, it will be curious to see how quickly ten thousand of them take advantage of this opportunity. My understanding is that a sample of 10 is not otherwise available so it’s worth a try.

The service is being advertised mainly as a business card solution. Some seem to be saying that the cards are too nice to give away.:-) I look forward to seeing them in hard copy.

Before you start, it’s worth noting that the cards are much slimmer than a regular photo so try to pick ones where inclusion of the entire image won’t be necessary. The cropping can have an interesting effect, but in some cases it just doesn’t work.


One Response to “Free Flickr minicards”

  1. Tricia Says:

    Thanks! I just ordered mine. I hope you’ll let me know when yours arrive.