Lowering the least bloggable unit

I think I’ve been putting too high a threshold on the least bloggable unit* around here recently (although some may disagree). That is, I have all sorts of thoughts on IT and other matters that I could blog about, but I don’t bother, because I don’t have that much to say. There are also time constraints. More serious thoughts and posts require more time and needless to say time is limited around here.

So this is just to say that I may start posting more often, but in smaller chunks.

* Interestingly, it turns out that the phrase “least bloggable unit” has been used once in blog world so far: on Crooked Timber of all places in a comment by Sean Carroll.

One Response to “Lowering the least bloggable unit”

  1. Rapped on the Head by Creationists | Cosmic Variance Says:

    […] I think this is a new category for my CV — “articles subjected to close reading by creationists.” (That, and pioneering the concept of the least bloggable unit.) Here is the first entry: my humble little essay for Nature entitled “Is Our Universe Natural?” has been lovingly dissected at “Creation-Evolution Headlines.” In which they claim that my paper “arms the intelligent design movement in the current fight over the definition of science.” Okay, now those are fighting words. […]