Ebay exchange point

Ebay exchange point

Ebay exchange point,
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Train stations often (or sometimes?) have meeting points where people can arrange – surprise-surprise – to meet up with others. This can be helpful if you don’t know the train station at all since you can just decide to meet at the point and then look for it once there. It’s also helpful if you do know the train station since you can avoid having to address the question of specific meeting location every time you’re meeting up with friends.

I was at the Zürich train station last week and noticed an interesting twist on all this: the ebay Xchange point. I had never seen one before. It looks like a really clever way to advertise the service. Not only is it an ad for the auction site, it is also a very helpful place for people to meet up to exchange items bought and sold on ebay. While people could just say “see you at the meeting point” it’s less helpful when you have never met the person before.

Anyone know of other such points elsewhere?

3 Responses to “Ebay exchange point”

  1. Dan Says:

    That’s funny. I was at this same train station last summer. I saw the “eBay Xchange Point” and I had NO IDEA what it was. (I know about meeting points, it just never occurred to me that that’s what an “Xchange point” was supposed to be.) I remember looking at it and trying to figure out if it was some sort of kiosk where you could use eBay. So the “clever advertising” was totally lost on me.

  2. eszter Says:

    Perhaps not totally since you did go over, you did look, and you did think about it. Think about all that time pondering ebay.:-)

  3. jeremy Says:

    I’m surprised eBay hasn’t implemented more of these. Or that they haven’t emerged through other means in the eBay eConomy.