Cheapest print photos

There are numerous photo printing services available online these days. Their prices can vary considerably. The cheapest I have found recently is York Photo. It looks like this may be temporary, but for now as per their summer sale, 4×6 prints are just 10c each. I used them a few weeks ago and just put in another order. They processed my orders very quickly. In fact, even this Labor Day Weekend, the order I put in yesterday is already ready for shipment today. (Of course, due to the holiday, it will only be shipping tomorrow.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE (9/17/05): I no longer recommend York Photo. It took this shipment ten days to get to me AND they cropped by photos even though that was not identified in the order and this means that they got rid of important parts of my pictures. I do not plan on using them again.

This compares well with very similar services such as Snapfish – the service I usually use -, which charges 12c/print. What used to be Ofoto, but is now Kodak Easy Share Gallery charges 19-25c although if you sign up for a pro account on their service you do get 10c/print for 4×6. There are lots of others that charge 20-25c/print, I see no point in linking to them.

I did check and York Photo’s mailing fees do not seem to be higher – in fact, if anything, they seem lower – than those of Snapfish so it’s not as though they are making up for costs there.

Perhaps I should note that I am not affiliated with any of these services. However, if you think you may sign up for one of them and send in an order, do let me know. If I send you a referral and you do put in an order, I get a few free prints. Why not?:) This intro offer is available on both York Photo and Snapfish.

3 Responses to “Cheapest print photos”

  1. Biliana Says:

    If you are interested in prints larger than 4×6 and you happen to have Costco membership, you can get those significantly cheaper there.

    Do you know if Snapfish and York Photo are affiliated? Their websites look identical except for the info.

  2. eszter Says:

    Oh yeah, I had meant to mention in my post that it’s interesting how similar Snapfish and York Photo are. They are clearly using the exact same interface, which is also apparent once you log on and start using their services.

    No, I don’t have a Costco membership, but good to know about the discount. (So it’s possible to upload photos to an online system and then pick up the printouts there?) I know CVS and some others do this, and when prints are urgent, this seems like a reasonable way to go.

  3. Biliana Says:

    Yup, you can upload them online and pick up the prints at the store. You can also have the mailed if you prefer that. You could also bring a CD to the store.