Where I blog

A year ago I started blogging over at the great group blog Crooked Timber. Since then, I have only blogged at CT simply replicating all of my posts on E-BLOG. Recently I started to realize that the group nature of CT made me more selective in my blogging than I preferred. After thinking about this for a while and also prompted by some of the comments on Dan Drezner’s blog about whether he should move toward a group blog, I decided to come back to E-BLOG and do some writing here in addition to my posts over at Crooked Timber. Of course, it may seem silly to extrapolate from people’s comments about Dan’s blog to possible opinions of my readership given that E-BLOG only ever had a few hundred readers. Nonetheless, some of the comments resonated with me so I decided to return to E-BLOG more actively. I’ve revamped the looks and started using a new blogging software with added features so hopefully that will make things even more user-friendly than before. As always, thanks for reading. And of course I’ll keep blogging at Crooked Timber and very much continue to encourage people to read it given all of the great material that’s posted there by my co-bloggers.

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