Chocolate garlic banana shake – 31 days of garlic, vegan edition continued

Chocolate garlic banana shakeThe easiest way to include fresh garlic in your diet seems to be to add it to a drink. But it’s not obvious how to do that without ending up with a rather horrifying drink (depending on your level of interest in a spicy taste). I made a banana shake with garlic, but that was too spicy for me. I wasn’t ready to give up on the idea, however, banana shake being such a yummy and easy drink so I experimented. I am happy with this result so I thought I’d share it. Another nice aspect, depending on the ingredients you use, is that it comes in at under 180 calories, which is helpful if that’s something of interest. It’s 3g protein, which is not great, but it’s better than a glass of water or tea. You can certainly improve on that by switching out the almond milk with regular fat-free milk, but then you’re also paying in terms of calories (30 vs 80). And of course you can switch out the non-dairy chips for dairy-chips, but again, different caloric intake, and then it’s no longer a vegan recipe, in case that’s of interest.


1 medium banana, chopped
1 medium garlic clove, minced
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tbsp dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chips


Put everything in a blender and voila. (I don’t like my shakes too cold so I skip the ice. Adding a couple of cubes is certainly an option.)

One Response to “Chocolate garlic banana shake – 31 days of garlic, vegan edition continued”

  1. Jim V Says:

    Sorry, but that is utterly disgusting.

    The shake part is fine, just don’t include the garlic.
    Make the shake, put it in the fridge.
    Take the garlic, put it in a processor with a juice glass of water.
    Chug the garlic water, then sip and enjoy the shake.