Project 365: #31-#37

I didn’t have the opportunity to post these individually last week so here’s a batch of seven photos from Project 365.

The perfect bite

Taken: November 24, 2006

#31: The perfect bite from leftovers after Thanksgiving.


Taken: November 25, 2006

#32: Andrei got me a Titeuf book from France. Titeuf is my favorite cartoon so this was a welcomed addition to my small collection.

Dark chocolate is good for your heart

Taken: November 26, 2006

#33: Dark chocolate is good for your health so I finally decided to open this gift I’d gotten a while back and start eating the little pieces included within.

Pandora T

Taken: November 27, 2006

#34: I went to a very interesting presentation by Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren and picked up some cool swag.


Taken: November 28, 2006

#35: Spotted this curious “installation” on Stanford’s campus. I think it was a countdown to the Stanford-Cal big rivarly football game.

Chicken Xing

Taken: November 29, 2006

#36: I went for a drive in the area and found a beautiful road. There were several infrequent signs on it, this Chicken Xing caught my eye in particular. The little chicks look as though they were droppings, which I found amusing.

Chocolate Liqueur Classics

Taken: November 30, 2006

#37: I was at Trader Joe’s on Thursday and noticed these red boxes near the check-out counter. They looked very familiar so I picked one up to look for some sign that they were from Hungary. I flipped the box over looking for some Hungarian text, but found nothing. However, upon flipping it back over I noticed the big words on the front: Product of Hungary. Excellent! This stuff is great and how fun to be able to get it locally. The bon-bons are each made of a cherry soaked in liquor and then covered with chocolate. You have to eat it carefully as there is liquid inside. Yum!

One Response to “Project 365: #31-#37”

  1. Ferdz Says:

    Interesting pics for project 365. Also just started on my own as well, and have only been on 10 days. I hope I can continue 😀