Bookmarklets galore!


originally uploaded by eszter.

Blummy is a great little service that let’s you access several bookmarklets without having to have a separate link on your toolbar (or a bookmarks folder) for all of them. You just place one bookmark on the toolbar and can access all of them by pressing on your blummy bookmarklet that opens a little window on the page that you are viewing. You can fill out information directly from the window. (Note regarding the bookmarklet, as you put together your little window full of links, you’ll want to leave the room that is designated for as that’s where you’ll be entering the link information. This’ll make sense once you try it out.:)

I didn’t see a bookmarklet for Yahoo! My Web2.0. If someone feels like creating one (with a Yahoo! icon on it), I’d be grateful. You can add bookmarklets to the system and make them available to others.

In case you’re wondering what bookmarlets are in the first place, they are little programs that let you perform certain things online quickly. In this case, most of the bookmarklets either give you a shortcut to posting a link to your account on a social bookmarking service (like or BlinkList) or they let you forward a query to a site quickly (such as Wikipedia or, just to name a couple).

There are a few bugs, for example, the “close” link doesn’t always work. Also, there are lots of duplicated bookmarklets on the site, which is a bit of wasted time as you browse through them. But overall it’s seems like a really helpful service.


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