Conference bingo

I am heading to the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association this weekend. While I think playing buzzword bingo at a presentation is a bit rude, the idea of having a bingo card for the whole conference seems more reasonable. Kieran’s put together a really fun one [pdf], check it out, it can likely be tweaked quite easily for endless amusement at your own upcoming convention.

Possible additions/substitutions?

  • Mac user surprised that cable won’t connect to projector
  • Use of PowerPoint in Normal View instead of Slide Show
  • Aimless lingerer at book exhibit
  • Loitering at book exhibit in hopes of finding editor
  • “But you didn’t write the paper I would have written” comment during Q&A
  • Never-ending comment posing as question during Q&A

One Response to “Conference bingo”

  1. dave p. Says:

    “Use of PowerPoint in Normal View instead of Slide Show”

    I couldn’t believe how many times I saw that this year. I kept hoping for some embarrassing comments posted in the notes section underneath the slides, but it never happened.