Links for 2008-02-26

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  1. David Brake Says:

    Social networks by continent originated (in English) here:
    Denton, N. (2007) The World Map of Social Networks Valleywag Last accessed: 27 August 2007 Last updated: 28 June 2007 Address:

    Re pingg – also see Socializr which Wired says is better than evite. If you try both could you let me know which you find is best?

  2. just because you can’t see me doesn’t mean i can’t see you « In The Form Of A Question Says:

    […] If you have even a passing interest in the internet, you’re probably aware that something similar happens “here”.  People post things on their blogs and SNS profiles as though only their intended audience can see it when, in fact, anyone can see it.  danah boyd calls the atmosphere online a networked public*, which is a little different than plain old public, but it sure ain’t private.  Random people see it, and people who are specifically looking for them certainly see it.  People like potential employers.  And prosecuting attorneys. [via Eszter] […]