Links for 2007-12-12

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  1. kristina b Says:

    That fake phishing email article is hilarious.

    It reminds me – my friend and mentor is 67, and she is very plugged in to the internet. However, when I helped her with her web site and tried to show her how to comment on blogs, I found that her computer (an Apple) hadn’t been updated in any way for over a year! It’s all because of the phenomenon they’re talking about… update prompts would pop up, and she’d “x out of it” just to get on with what she was doing. I had to convince her that Apple has her best interest in mind, and that she should err on the side of participating in those prompts rather than not. I think she’s been better about it since then 🙂 But a lot of people do that!

    Me, I get excited to see what they might have fixed. But I’m a geek like that.