Taking care of Turquoise

I don’t seem to be doing too well playing rock, paper, scissors over on Facebook so I’ve decided to focus my energies on taking care of my adopted turtle Turquoise. It’s good prepartion for when I’ll get a real turtle likely in the near future (unlike some turtle plagiarists, it’s a plan I’ve had for a while).

Unfortunately, you can only earn munny to feed your pet by having your pet pet by someone else or petting other people’s pets. (That’s not as hard to say three times fast as it may seem at first read…) And it turns out that despite having over 150 friends on Facebook, only three of them have (fluff)Friends, one because I asked him this morning. So this is a request that if we are linked on Facebook (or should be since we know each other) then can you please come over and show Turquoise some affection? Thanks!

Anyone wondering why I would spend time on Facebook has to understand that it is imperative for the legitimacy of my research to familiarize myself with these services. It’s a sacrifice, but all in the name of science.

I should add that I have been thinking about a more substantive post concerning Facebook and hope to get around to it one of these days. Lots going on there, it is spreading like wildfire way past college students, and there are some understandable reasons for that. More later. It’s time to check in on Turquoise now.

5 Responses to “Taking care of Turquoise”

  1. Biliana Says:

    🙂 I wished I had your excuse for spending time on Facebook.

  2. eszter Says:

    Time to switch fields?:)

  3. Biliana Says:

    The thought actually did occur to me a few nights ago. 🙂

  4. Jay Livingston Says:

    Have you checked out Danah Boyd’s essay about MySpace and Facebook?


  5. eszter Says:

    Jay, yes, I have, thank you. I responded to it on a mailing list. I’ll be converting my response into a blog post one of these days.