Links for 2007-06-11

4 Responses to “Links for 2007-06-11”

  1. Katie Clark Says:

    YUM – Ritter Sport is my favorite – especially the hazelnut. I’m excited (and slightly disturbed) that they’re so easy-to-find in American supermarkets now.

  2. eszter Says:

    Yay, always happy to know of other fans! I think it’s great that we can get it easier now. I wish they had the little mini-packs. That’s a great way to discover new flavors.. not that I need more versions in my repertoire.:)

  3. Csaba Says:

    You wish for it and it has been made for you Eszter. Actually, they do have mini-packs. It is called Ritter Sport Mini. My personal favorite is the dark whole hazelnuts and the rum raisin hazelnuts in the 100g edition. The closest place to find the Minis is the World Market at 1910 ECReal in MView ( They also carry sometimes Hungarian specialties such as Canned Red Peppers or Canned Cherries/Sour Cherries.

  4. eszter Says:

    Thanks, Csaba. I know they make the mini boxes, I was just lamenting the fact that they’re not nearly as easy to come by. However, I didn’t realize the World Market carried them nor did I realize that there was one right here in the neighborhood! Thanks for pointing that out. I like that store a lot so I’ll have to stop by. Thanks!