I guess I could be offended..

.. but actually I find this pretty funny:

Funny ad

(From yesterday’s Bay area NYTimes.)

2 Responses to “I guess I could be offended..”

  1. Gazs Says:

    I am pretty skeptical about this, sounds like false advertising. Cingular doesn’t have a network in Hungary, only roaming agreements with the local networks. According to this http://www.cingular.com/travelguide/coverage/coverage_details.jsp?CIDL=348&MNC=CING you could theoretically use a Cingular card/phone for data transfer, but A. it would be way too expensive and B. it wouldn’t _be_ Cingular, rather Pannon or T-Mobile (or Vodafone).

    Anyone have a Cingular SIM card I could try out? Szolnok’s not that far away for me at least…

    It’s really strange for me to think that in the US cell phone coverage is still such a big deal — i mean here we have essentially 100% coverage everywhere, even for 3G now. Small country, yes, but the other countries are covered similarly…

  2. eszter Says:

    This is about data coverage not voice coverage. I think what’s of interest here is that as long as you can get on the network having a Cingular plan, you can get on the network. The point is that presumably in Minneapolis you can’t at all.