New lab space!

The Web Use Project at Northwestern University moved into a new space recently.

My new lab space

I am ultra excited about this move. We worked with a planner and architect to make sure the new space would meet the research group’s various needs. The result is wonderful. There is a separate cubicle for the project coordinator and a private carrel for observations. There is tons of filing space and lots of cupboards for everything else. We also have considerably more room for computers. There is also a central table (that can be folded to take up less space) and several chairs so we can have meetings. Plus there are wipe boards and a projection screen in case I ever find the means to buy a projector. This is a wonderful move for my group.

See more photos here.


UPDATE: Here’s a little video action:

4 Responses to “New lab space!”

  1. david silver Says:

    rock on, eszter, congratulations!

    may i suggest adding some vegetation, some kind of greenery?

  2. a very public sociologist Says:

    Wow, that’s what I call a snazzy space!

    The postgrads at my place were supposed to be getting a new building built especially for us by the time I hit the midway point of my PhD. Well, I’ve crossed that particular rubicon , and the building? It’s but a mere hole in the ground. That was only excavated in the last week.

  3. Steph Says:

    Very impressive! Congratulations. But I don’t understand if it’s in Chicago or CA or what???

  4. eszter Says:

    Thanks, All!

    Steph, you should read the tags and categories.:) Or I can be more clear.:) It’s in Evanston at Northwestern. There are lots of people there working on the project even while I’m away. I have a full-time project coordinator, four graduate students and almost a dozen undergrads on the various projects right now.

    David, great idea! We’ll have to look into that. I tend to kill plants, but perhaps some of the other people are better about this.