Links for 2007-01-12

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  1. John Wallace Says:

    Recently renewed interest in online educational resources (and a bit-o-Googling) led me to your site. A former teacher and webDev hobbyist, I am curious…

    I am watching for wikis, forums and blogs to go live at (site linked in your blog). I have even created a wiki to start some conversation about the space (what do we want, what do we need?). Would you be willing to join a wiki-conversation about education?

    If you are curious, maybe you would visit Curriki Workshop, and share 2¢ about online curriculum development. What do you think should emerge from Curriki? BTW – XWiki is the wiki engine that Curriki is deploying, so by posting at Curriki Workshop, we can learn the wiki markup that will be in play once Curriki goes live.


    John in Phoenix