Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I was curious to see how – if at all – the top search engines decided to celebrate Halloween. The above collage collects the holiday logos. Don’t look too hard in the bottom right corner, there’s nothing there to see. To be sure, MSN did have Halloween content on its homepage, but no special logo design that I could notice. The others all had something fun to greet users.

Tonight I look forward to greeting trick-or-treaters. I don’t usually get to do that, but my impression is that there are plenty of little kids in my current neighborhood so hopefully they will be stopping by.

One Response to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. lisa Says:

    Happy Halloween! Normally I know how to celebrate Halloween about as well as I know how to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, but luckily this year a big Halloween party organised by a yank, who knew how to do it properly 🙂

    Did you ever wonder about Google and other search engines celebrating certain holidays with their logo and omitting others? I’ll know the day Al Qaeda stops training troops in making bombs to training up blackhat hackers when Google’s logo starts celebtrating holidays like Eid 🙂