Got a few hours?

Vivian’s recent comment wondering whether my work would interfere with my ability to post Friday time-sink amusements reminded me that I should not abandon my important role in keeping you from doing whatever it is that you had planned to do when you sat down at your computer.

This weekend’s amusement is brought to you by Jeux Chiants (yeah, I know, you’ll have to excuse my French).

Of the large selection, my highest recommendation goes to Double Jeu. You won’t miss much by not speaking French, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just don’t let either ball drop. Hah, and doesn’t that sound easy? The one thing you’ll miss out on by not speaking French is the derogatory comments after you mess up. I managed to get up to 24.5 seconds. If anyone does it longer and understands the resulting comment, I’d be curious to hear if you ever get a true heartfelt congratulations.

I thought Labyflou was reasonably amusing and you can get it the first time around. It’s also not addictive, once is about enough.

Le jeu du ver is not bad. It’s one of those games that starts out almost too easy, but then gets significantly harder with each level.

Finally, La souris est invisible is a good reminder of how dependent we may or may not be on visual cues when using the mouse.

2 Responses to “Got a few hours?”

  1. david Says:

    I got sucked in and managed 38 seconds. The message I received was…

    Wahou quel score! Bon c’est pas encore le top, mais quand même pas mal quand on voit ta tête!

    Very rough translation: What a score! It still isn’t the top, but not bad when one sees your head.

    A heartfelt, backhanded congratulations.

  2. eszter Says:

    David, thanks for reporting back. I think as you move up in time, the content of the congratulatory note seems to get better, but at the end there’s usually a twist. But at least in yours there is a bit of a positive tone. Congrats!

    PS. I’ve fixed the last link.