Ask the Rabbi

Mighty Meth posted a photo of an intriguing billboard on his Flickr photostream. So I dutifully typed in the advertised URL: It’s just what it suggests, a site where users can ask a rabbi a question. The site gives a brief bio of the people who may respond (or so I’m assuming that’s who those people are).

5 Responses to “Ask the Rabbi”

  1. scott Says:

    Neat! My first question may be: “what should you ask a rabbi?”

  2. Mighty Meth Says:

    You forgot to mention that they are staffed 24 hours, but closed on Shabbat!

  3. eszter Says:

    Scott – It’s one of those things, where you don’t know it until the situation arises. That is, you’d think you’d never have anything to ask a rabbi, but then suddenly you do and voila, you can! Seriously, there can be situations where it could be helpful even for the non-religious, in my opinion. For example, when conversing with someone who is religious and finding yourself wondering about how to handle a situation (e.g. wedding related or whatnot) it could come in handy.

    Mighty Meth – I missed that, but it’s a fair assumption even if they’re not explicity about it.:) You wouldn’t have to know that they’re closed on the Sabbath, it seems to me, because their turn-around time is quick enough. Of course, if it means that sending a question Friday afternoon won’t be answered until Sunday midday then you’d recognize the delay, but still, seems pretty quick to me.:)

  4. scott Says:

    Thinking of something to ask is now on my to-do list. 🙂

  5. eszter Says:

    Sounds, good, Scott.:) And once you figure it out, you’ll know exactly where to go.:-)