Happy birthday Del.icio.us!

Happy Birthday Del.icio.usThe social-bookmarking tool del.icio.us turned three today. It’s a great tool. It’s thanks to del.icio.us that E-BLOG has content even when I’m too busy to write up posts. I use del.icio.us to post a list of bookmarked sites automatically to this blog. Yahoo! bought del.icio.us last year and the service has just gotten more interesting (e.g. network features such as posting bookmark recommendations to other users on the system).

Leave a link to your del.icio.us account if you have one. I’m always curious to see what stes like-minded folks deem worthy of a bookmark.

4 Responses to “Happy birthday Del.icio.us!”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Your enthusiasm for things owned by Yahoo! knows no bounds.

  2. Sharon Says:

    So, I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t read your blog and thought you’d like our book, but I did and think you will. Packaging Girlhood (St. Martin’s Press). http://www.packaginggirlhood.com I hope you’ll take a look. SL

  3. maybe sharon Says:

    maybe sharon meant packagingcommentspam.com?

  4. eszter Says:

    Yes, it’s very clearly comment spam. I left it in there, because it looks potentially helpful or interesting. It would’ve made more sense to spam one of my Links posts, of course. It really doesn’t fit on this post at all.