How-to videos

Via Lifehacker, I found a helpful video on how to peel potatoes without too much trouble. Not wanting to pass on a recommendation without having tried it myself, I dutifully boiled a potato to test the method. It worked great! Note that the water at the end doens’t have to be ice water, it’s enough to put the boiled potato in some cold water.

While we’re on the topic of how-to videos, if anybody missed the instructions for folding a shirt, it’s also worth a visit. I found it harder to follow than the potato-peeling guide though. It may help to look at this piece as well to figure out what’s going on. I haven’t made this technique part of my everydays, but depending on your current method you may decide differently.

4 Responses to “How-to videos”

  1. scott Says:

    The potato thing looks neat! The only problem is that it takes forever to boil whole potatoes. They go much quicker when you dice them, but then this peeling method would be useless. As far as shirt folding tricks, I prefer the shirt ninja method!

  2. jb Says:

    so, what did you do with the potato, anyway? pancake? frites?

  3. eszter Says:

    Nothing as of yet since I had already had dinner by then. (See the trouble I’ll go through for a recommendation!) It’s in the fridge now. Lately, I’ve been adding sour cream, shredded cheese (probably cheddar) and horseradish to it. I don’t know if that sounds at all appealing, but I’ve been enjoying it.:)

  4. Nishi Says:

    Yes I did read that article the only downside is that it takes a little bit amount of time for the potatos to boil, however overall it is very helpful.