Links for 2006-01-19

2 Responses to “Links for 2006-01-19”

  1. Kutt Says:

    People of all ages need to take heed to this article. There is too much individual information being given out on the internet.

    There is a group that I am familiar with that has contests called “Profiles”. In these contests they give out a clue to the identity of the person that is to be the subject of a profile and ask specific questions about them. All information gathered has to be referenced to URLs. All the subjects are adults and I am sure they think they are being very discreet about the information that is accessible on the web. To be eligible to place in the competition the competitors have to correctly identify the person and answer all the questions about the subject. Their final ranking is then based on the depth of the profile they can develop on their subject.

    The amount of information they collect is sometimes scary. A person thinks that they have not revealed too much information, but they have identified associations they have to groups and other people who in turn inadvertently divulge information about the subject. Pictures often reveal more information than you would believe.

  2. eszter Says:

    Thanks, Kutt, that sounds interesting. I was just talking to someone today about how many adults are really critical about teens’ use of online spaces, but adults aren’t necessarily that careful either.