Dan Drezner, Eszter Hargittai and Sean Carroll at WGN

As soon as Milt Rosenberg mentioned the word “bloguest” (“blogguest”?) he recanted. But that did not stop us from bringing it up a few more times during his show. As Henry kindly mentioned yesterday, I was on Milt Rosenberg’s Extension 720 radio show last night with Dan Drezner (blog) and Sean Carroll (group blog). It was fun. I don’t think they make it available online in archives so I am afraid it is not possible to listen to it at this point.

[UPDATE: It turns out I misunderstood. It wasn’t “bloguests”, it was “blogessors”. Hmm…]

We discussed all sorts of topics starting with an explanation of what blogs are to blogs and politics, the role of blogs in academia and the risks of blogging about certain issues. At times the conversation went a bit off topic (e.g. when Milt asked Sean whether there are multiple universes), but for the most part we talked about blogs and blogging.

Some of the call-in questions had to do with how people can find certain types of content (e.g. blogs on particular topics). Needless to say I see this linking in nicely with my research on user skill differences. There are lots of users out there who don’t know that much about how one finds various types of content or how one navigates certain online services (e.g. RSS feeds). It is too easy to assume evryone is as savvy as you are, but that is often the wrong assumption.

Thanks to Milt for hosting us and providing interesting questions. Thanks also to Maggie Berndt, producer of the show, for all her work on it.

I have posted some pictures taken during the commercial breaks and after the show.

3 Responses to “Bloguests”

  1. craig Says:

    did I do it right?

  2. craig Says:

    Ah I’m back, wasn’t sure if I’d get that question right. I heard the end of the show and found it interesting. Of course I have two blogs so I would wouldn’t I? But I find it interesting that there are so many people with blogs that there really needs to be something like this on a more regular schedule. maybe it exists as a podcast or will be a cable channel soon … who knows

  3. eszter Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Craig. I am biased on this, but I think you’re right, it can be fun to listen to bloggers discuss issues on radio. (I base this comment on another show I heard once where bloggers were guests.)