Sunday pancakes

Sunday pancake

Sunday pancake,
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A friend of mine visited a few weeks ago and brought me delicious pancakes made from *drumroll please* over 40 ingredients! We played a guessing game: what’s in it? It had everything you can imagine and then some. It was also great.

Although I haven’t quite adopted her approach to making pancakes, she has certainly inspired me to make my pancakes a bit more interesting. On Sundays, I purposefully take some extra time to enjoy the morning and this allows for some gourmet pancakes. This morning’s mix included the following ingredients in addition to the basics: chocolate chips (I always include those!), dried fruits (cranberries, pineapple, apricots) and various spices (mint (!), pumpkin spice, ground nutmeg).

I didn’t have any fresh blueberries at home, but those are one of my favorite ingredients. In fact, the pancake pictured above is of one such mix.

I recommend experimenting with various pancake mixtures. They make for a very yummy treat. Oh, and I don’t eat my pancakes with maple syrup, I eat them with whipped cream.:-)

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