Who are you?

Yesterday was de/lurker day in the blogosphere. First of all, what’s a lurker? A lurker is someone online who reads material on an interactive site/mailing list, but rarely contributes to the discussion.

The idea of de/lurker day is to give these quiet visitors a chance to say hello.

Of course, by definition, a lurker is someone who tends to opt out of such contributions so I suspect this initiative won’t get too many people to contribute, but perhaps some will decide to come forward.

I happen to know from the site statistics that there are plenty of people who stop by here, but don’t seem to comment. (Thanks to those of you who do.:) Of course, there is nothing wrong with not contributing and given that I don’t post comments on most blogs I read, I know it has little to do with what you think about a blog. That said, it is interesting to know who reads a blog and how they came upon it.

My best guess is that people who stop by here are friends who didn’t feel like migrating over to Crooked Timber when I started blogging there two years ago. But clearly there are some other people as well. Who are you? Feel free to say hello now or some other time and do so anonymously or not. Oh, and if you have any thoughts on what type of material you prefer to read about on here feel free to mention that as well. I can’t make any promises, but I can take suggestions under advisement.:)

6 Responses to “Who are you?”

  1. md Says:

    Actually, I came the other way – from CT to here. 🙂 That was a few weeks ago, when you were doing the LifeHack stint. I found your posts on social blogging particularly interesting and discovered you don’t always cross-post, so added this blog to my list of RSS feeds.

  2. eszter Says:

    Thanks, MD, that’s definitely interesting to know. Apologies for all the double posts given that much of my blogging does show up on both of them. Thanks for visiting and signing in!:-)

  3. Jan Schmidt Says:

    Hi! 🙂

    I’m a oline researcher (sociology/communication science) from Bamberg, Germany. Over the years I’ve read and cited a couple of your papers, some months ago I’ve stumbled across your blog and subscribed to it.

  4. eszter Says:

    Thanks, Jan, welcome.

    Thanks, also, to those who sent me a note on email instead of signing in here. I guess some people really are averse to commenting on blogs even if they are not concerned about maintaining anonymity. I’m happy to hear from you either way.

  5. Superbus_ Says:

    I’m a lurker of yous site as a sociologist and expert of social policy. I’m interested in the sociology of digital divide, so that is why I’m here. Especially the older people’s and the internet and also different state policies focusing on the digital divide. Your site is great and your publications are really useful for me. Thank you.
    ( And I’m also Hungarian, hehe)…

  6. Laura Says:

    Hi, Eszter,
    I met you at NYU, and I have a personal interest in web searching, so I bookmarked your website and have been coming back ever since.