Google Earth!

If you thought Google Maps and the corresponding satellite images were cool then you’ll be hard-pressed to find a word to describe the experience of using Google Earth. Before you get too excited, do check to see if your computer meets the current requirements.

I don’t think you have to be a geography geek like me (I did take four years of high school geography after all) to appreciate this service. It’s amazing. You can zoom in more than on GMaps, you can tilt the image, you can get driving directions superimposed on the satellite images, you can get road names added, dining options included and much more.

In line with this article in today’s NYTimes, neither the directions nor some of the locations of things are always correct, but they’re close. Go play.


One Response to “Google Earth!”

  1. Mickey Says:

    You’re right on a few counts:

    – I thought Google Maps was cool, but I’m hard pressed to express how awesome Google Earth is.
    – I’m not a geography geek at all, but I certainly appreciate it.

    If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go get it! You’ll be blown away…