Share your tagged bookmarks

The new service Wists brings us the option of creating a public list of bookmarks with tags. The tagging feature resembles tags in Flickr. I guess it all sounds a lot like although I have never used that service so I can’t really say. Wists certainly looks better though.

I’ve started putting up a few links. I’ll be curious to see if it’s a service I end up using much. (There are so many things I have sort of tried over the years only to abandon them usually sooner rather than later.) Browsing others’ links is one way of finding potentially interesting sites. The service allows creating private bookmarks as well (handy for all those private baby blogs I started following lately). Unfortunately, it looks like the site is already attracting a type of spam. After all, what are the chances that someone would post bookmarks to so many individual items at one particular online store?

UPDATE: I’m told the many links to individual store items are on purpose.

[via Nick Denton]

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