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Hungarian sweets

Ask any Hungarian living abroad what he or she missed the most and Túró Rudi will be on their list (pictured left). It is a candy bar that is hard to describe and a description cannot do it justice anyway. The basic ingredient is farmer’s cheese (incorrectly often referred to as cottage cheese). It is sweetened in some ways.. I’m not sure how.. and then covered in dark chocolate. It is incredibly yummy. Unfortunately, it is perishable and so even harder than most products to get abroad.

On the right are various Hungarian chocolates I love. And all this is mine to consume now!:-)

5 Responses to “Yum!”

  1. dmytro Says:

    if i understand correctly what you mean it’s sometimes really hard to explain to some english speaking people what is “farmer’s cheese”.
    we have the same thing like “”Turo Rudi” here in Ukraine. But it’s mostly chidren’s favorite food. Adults prefer “yoghurt”

  2. eszter Says:

    I can’t imagine how yoghurt would have anything to do with Túró Rudi. I probably did not do a very good job of explaining what it is. But perhaps you do have something similar, that would be interesting to know.

  3. vadjutka Says:

    As far as I know Turó Rudi is not uniquely Hungarian. (urban legend probably) Someone told me, that when in the 50s or early 60s Janos Kadar visited another Eastern European country (Ukraine? Estonia?), he got the idea, that we, Hungarians also should produce Turo Rudi. So it happened.

  4. Gábor Says:

    Milyen igaz 🙂

  5. Haz eN jeN Says:

    We would like to know where u can get this candy here in the United States. Thank You !