Google through text messaging

The new tech blog Lifehacker points to Google SMS. Send a text message to 46645 (in the US) with queries about addresses (e.g. of hospitals, restaurants), definitions, names/phone numbers, products and more, and receive a response text message (or two or three) with information. Standard text message costs apply (or so I’m assuming).

2 Responses to “Google through text messaging”

  1. sms_tester Says:

    Appears has also launched its SMS or text messaging services via Koffee-Break.

    These folks offer a ton of services and are available all over the world. Plus, they have a tie up with Tmobile for Germany.

  2. germany_sms Says:

    Koffee-Break offers directory services and even comparison price shopping for users in Germany. I used it from my tmobile phone and it works great. response time is about 1 minute or so.