European delicacies in Chicago

Thanks to a friend, I just discovered a store on the north side of Chicago that has wonderful food items from all over Europe. I even saw some Hungarian juice (the fruit names literally written out in Hungarian on the box:). Yum! The place is Delicatessen Meyer at 4750 N. Lincoln Ave near the intersection of Lawrence and Western. They have quite a collection of chocolates and other sweets (including vanilla sugar, essential for any serious baking project), meats, cheeses, pickles, pates, wine and more (even some soaps and lotions). They have Hungarian salami (“téli szalámi”) although unfortunately it is “Hungarian style” as actual Hungarian salami can no longer be imported to the U.S. * sniff *

One Response to “European delicacies in Chicago”

  1. Beth D Says:

    I just stumbled across you’re site looking for Hungarian recipes.

    There’s also Bende up in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. they usually have a lot of Hungarian foodstuffs.