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We mostly mention and link to political and academic blogs on CT. But there are whole worlds of other blogs out there. One such world that I like to visit whenever I get the chance is the food and recipe blogosphere. This week, Chocolate and Zucchini is celebrating its firth birthday, congrats! That blog has come a long way. It has been mentioned in various media outlets across the globe. Its author, Clotilde, is throwing a birthday party this week in Paris (her home base) and has even opened up a forum for C&Z readers to discuss all topics related to cooking, baking, restaurants, etc. The wonderful images with which she illustrates her posts add that much more to visiting her site (and it’s all licensed under a Creative Commons License). Reading C&Z always makes me wish I had more time to cook and bake.

Another food blog I visit on occasion is Foodgoat, which takes food discussion to another level including comments about new food products on the U.S. market. And today I found C’est moi qui l’ai fait! through C&Z, another blog sure to get me inspired in the kitchen. My own modest contributions are on a recipe page I compiled mostly made up of some Hungarian specialties. I owe all that knowledge to my Mom who didn’t succeed in getting me excited about cooking while I was still living at home, but who has been a source of inspiration (and much helpful information!) an ocean apart. She is quite the cook and even has a cookbook out in English about Hungarian cooking (written in her “spare” time while continuing her first-rate scientific career). The recipe section, by the way, is one of the most popular parts of my site through search engine referrals (yeah, well, I’d like to think people are interested in my research, but I can’t blame them for preferring to cook a good chicken paprikash instead). I have also started to document good restaurants in Chicagoland.

In my part of the world, the weather is getting chillier and various fun holidays are approaching so I anticipate spending more time cooking and baking (although my upcoming travel schedule may challenge me on that). This is a good time to take stock of relevant blogs out there. I invite you to post links to your favorite food and recipe blogs (and other sites) here.

One Response to “Food across the blogosphere”

  1. Michael Says:

    To celebrate a milestone with my diet (sub-200), I decided to check out the various blog-based recipe pages, find something that I have never made before, cook it up, and feast! I chose the Chicken Paprikas and the Túrógombóc on your recipe page. The ingredients were all easy enough to find thanks to Wegmans and a little Hungarian deli twelve miles from my house. (One has to love spices that come in little plastic baggies, rather than bottles with the McCormick label.)

    Taking a cue from LiL’s recipe, I served the chicken over frozen potato gnocchi instead of nokedli from scratch.

    I was really flying blind with the dairy dumplings, kind of like building a puzzle without seeing the box picture.

    All turned out really well though. In a word, it was “finom!”

    Maybe next time, I’ll add the cucumber salad.