Favorite first line – music version

Matt Weiner over at Opiniatrety puts a musical spin on the question of favorite opening hooks by exploring “the greatest first lines of record albums”. Songs usually either grab me in their entirety or they don’t speak to me much at all so although there are lines I really like, they are rarely first lines. I guess by the time you realize whether you like the first line of a song you are half way through the entire piece so perhaps the effect of that first segment is not as important as it may be for a book. In any case, I thought you might enjoy heading over to Matt’s blog and discussing favorite first lines of songs. There are also a couple of people who comment about first lines of movies in response to the book post. Oh, the possibilities…:)

One Response to “Favorite first line – music version”

  1. Matt Read Says:

    That’s a pretty good idea, I can think of quite a few good opening lines for songs. It would be cool to have a site with the text and an MP3 of the opening line.

    And you got a very nice looking blog here, well done.