xkcd rocks

I don’t always get xkcd although often enough I think it’s quite funny and on occasion I think it’s just brilliant. Here’s one I’m surprised my students haven’t put on a T-shirt for me yet. And you might recall our CT discussion of this one. Today, Randall Munroe has added another to my collection of favorites, check it out. (I even forgive him for a slight misspelling at the end. I won’t get into specifics, because it would be a spoiler. See the first comment below for more. UPDATE an hour later: the typo has been fixed.)

2 Responses to “xkcd rocks”

  1. eszter Says:

    Erdős’s name is spelled with a short not a long umlaut on the o. Hungarian distinguishes between the two, the two are pronounced differently (albeit likely difficult to appreciate for a non-Native speaker) and seeing one versus the other is confusing.

  2. eszter Says:

    If you don’t get the cartoon, by the way, don’t feel badly. It looks like you’re not alone. A search on Paul Erdős is now showing up on the Google Hot Trends page.:) (HT @bradbuset)