Public Spheres, Blogospheres

Public Spheres Blogospheres Flyer I’m on my way to UC Irvine to participate with some very cool folks in a meeting called Public Spheres, Blogospheres hosted by UCI’s HumaniTech. I’m on a panel about Blogging and the Academy.

I suspect the question of whether or how junior faculty should blog will come up. While it’s a topic I’ve pondered here numerous times and it may make some people yawn at this point, I believe it’s still worthy of discussion with some points that haven’t been considered sufficiently yet. More on that when I get around to organizing my thoughts about it (this conference would be a good opportunity for that, hah). Academics from different fields will be represented at this meeting, which may lead to different takes on the topic. I look forward to the conversations.

6 Responses to “Public Spheres, Blogospheres”

  1. newsocprof Says:

    i’ll be there — looking forward to it!

  2. eszter Says:

    Ooh, excellent, please come over and say hi!

  3. newsocprof Says:

    most definitely — happy travels!

  4. eszter Says:

    Great, looking forward to it!

  5. Paul Rama Says:

    Too bad we have class right now… But we’re talking about you-good things.

  6. eszter Says:

    Thanks for your note, Paul. Sorry to hear about the time conflict, we’re having some great discussions at the conference.