Does this work?

Here’s another find from my time in Switzerland, this time the Zürich Airport.


Approximate translation: “Pirating and counterfeiting is a bad sport: no rules, many fouls, only losers.”

This may actually sound better in English. Does “loser” have that extra connotation in German as it does in English? I didn’t think it did.

In any case, is an airport such a helpful place to put this, especially right near the business lounge in a relatively secluded area? Is any place a helpful place to put this? (I know there is a huge literature on the effectiveness of ad campaigns in various areas. I don’t know if there is any in this particular one.)

I saw this ad somewhere else, too, but I forget where. Have you seen ads of this sort elsewhere?

2 Responses to “Does this work?”

  1. David Brake Says:

    Well here in the UK just as in the US I imagine the places one always sees these warnings these days is a) as you start your DVD and b) before the start of a film. Interestingly, the UK anti-piracy film I have seen recently concentrated on what they suggested would be the poor quality of a pirate film rather than the ethics of stealing it…

  2. Christina Says:

    Great idea but not a could choice to locate it. It’s strange they talked about the poor quality as is they would suport it if the quality was much better, I’m not sure they get the seriousness of piracy.