Invitations to GrandCentral

[UPDATE: I’ve given out the invites I could so this offer no longer stands.]

If you’d like an invitation to GrandCentral, let me know. It assumes you’re okay with giving Google your phone number, which is a big if. But if you are then let me know. I have a few to give out, not a lot though so first come first served.

Oh, what is GrandCentral? It’s a service that let’s you give out a phone number that you can then control much better than your direct numbers by filtering and selectively forwarding based on the caller. It’s similar to creating filters for various emails depending on sender.

I’ve used a similar service before for a research project and it worked well. GrandCentral was recently acquired by Google and they’re presumably revamping it a bit. There are, however, other such services out there if you prefer a site that is, for now, independent.

UPDATE: I will only send invites to people who send me an email from an address that has both last name and first name and preferably some Web site. You know my name, you know info about me and what I’m offering here would link us in the eyes of Google. I won’t do that if I have nothing to go on.

11 Responses to “Invitations to GrandCentral”

  1. Frank Says:

    I would love an invite if you could send me one

    email is fdaccounts [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Frank Says:

    just realized you need an email with first an last name
    you can use this one

    frank.dizoglio.iii [at] delvecchio [dot] com

  3. Greg Says:

    I’d love one, hook me up!

  4. Greg Thibodeaux Says:

    Sorry, like Frank I got a little excited and didn’t give you everything you asked for…

    Please send me an invite.


  5. Iain Barnetson Says:

    I would love an invite.
    my email is: iain.barnetson [at] firmbyte[dot]com
    website: www[dot]firmbyte[dot]com

  6. David Brake Says:

    It sounds interesting but I bet it only works with US numbers at the moment (though of course it doesn’t say anything about that on the “about this app” screens!) I hate it when developers produce something for one country and ignore the possibility that other countries’ net users might want to use it!

  7. eszter Says:

    David, indeed, I read on the site yesterday that they only support phone numbers in the US for now (and none in Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine). I can’t find this info now so yes, it seems it’s not placed anywhere prominently.

  8. Fred Hoogstad Says:

    Grandcentral sounds very interesting and well worth my experimentation time so I’d love an invitation. Thanks

  9. Hari Dara Says:

    The features seem very interesting and useful to me. I would appreciate if you can send an invitation to “haridara at gmail dot com”. Thanks.

  10. Patrick Says:

    If they give you any more invites, or if anyone else can share, I’d love to check it out.

    pcmcd at hotmail


  11. mike santiago Says:

    Hi all

    I will like to get a invite if is still available or anyone could spare one..

    thank you and god bless

    Mike Santiago