Random thought: May is not a good time to play Christmas music

I use Yahoo! Music for most of my music-listening at work. I like the service and at $60 for two years (they had a special when I signed up, the regular now is $72/year) it’s a great deal. [UPDATE: Corrected cost, I had remembered incorrectly.]

The system allows you to customize various stations by giving it feedback about what songs and artists you like. It’s a helpful feature, for the most part. But I think services like this might want to tweak the system so certain songs are kept off playlists at certain times of the year. I am not suggesting that they should be banned, of course, but perhaps not streamed unless sought out actively by the user.

I may like Boney M, but I really have absolutely no interest in listening to a Christmas song from them in the middle of May.

This reminds me of the dance club I used to go to in Budapest when I was in high school. One of the most popular Jive songs at the club was Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree . It was very bizarre to listen to it over and over again in June.

2 Responses to “Random thought: May is not a good time to play Christmas music”

  1. B.L.I. Says:

    My son (2) occasionally chooses a book that he wants us to read to him multiple times a day – we are just getting over a period of reading “Hull a pelyhes feher ho” (The fluffy white snow is falling). On the other hand, I did have to shovel snow on April 16/17 this year…

  2. eszter Says:

    Interesting, maybe these Christmas songs are targeted at people in situations like yours.:-)