Links for 2007-03-11

  • this is fun, even if you don’t read the results; it’s just fun to see for yourself which of the images you pick in the various categories
    (tags: fun quiz)
  • neat game; I won’t tell you how it works, you can figure it out in an attempt or two; once I did, I made it to “max attempts: 30” and only had two tiles of one color to rescue when I failed that level (meaning, I almost made it); enjoy! (don’t click if you don’t have time to play. UPDATE: I managed to get to level 26 (going down from 35)
    (tags: games flash)
  • “to make portraits of Palestinians and Israelis doing the same job and to post them face to face, in huge formats, in unavoidable places, on the Israeli and the Palestinian sides.”

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